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Universal Business School: India´s First Green Business School to Inculcate ´Green Thinking´ in Students

This business school school in Mumbai is deploying a green curriculum to realize their sustainable and green ambitions to inculcate ´green thinking´ in students. They have come up with pioneering courses like Green Finance, Green Marketing, and Green Operations and Logistics. Green is sweeping across the business landscape as more and more consumers opt for environment friendliness in goods and services. Consequently, many business schools are prioritizing ´green´ in their programming, philosophy, and facilities.

After all, sustainability remains a key topic in business and society, with organizations seeking ways to be socially and environmentally responsible. In times where consumers question the source of every product, it is a good idea to start preparing a workforce for a cleaner and greener planet.

Apple has created the world’s most valuable company because it was innovative. Steve Jobs focused on, quite simply put, ´great hardware and great software´. We adopted this model at the UBS to realize our sustainable and green ambitions. Once, we had worked on the hardware side of our green philosophy, we wanted to focus on the most important change towards the software side of green. We had to make an innovative green focused curriculum to shape the future minds of our students and inculcate green thinking. Towards this goal, we were pioneers in incorporating innovative subjects like Green Finance, Green Marketing and Green Operations and Logistics