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WU – Vienna University of Economics and Business International Summer University Program Highlights

In 2018, for the 29th time, WU Ð Vienna University of Economics and Business hosted the International Summer UniversityWU (ISUWU) program during the months of July and August. ISUWU is one of WU’s many international short summer programs, which represent an important part of WU’s internationalization strategy.

ISUWU Participants

The student group, composed of undergraduate as well as graduate students, came from all parts of the world to participate in the ISUWU 2018. The group totaled 149 students from 32 different countries of origin and 52 different universities.

In the July session there were 54 undergraduate students and 37 graduate students. Most students indicated North America as their country of origin (USA 22% and Canada 14.3%), followed by China (14.3%) and Australia (11%).

In the August session there were 39 undergraduate students and 19 graduate students. As in the previous session, most students indicated North America as their country of origin (USA 19% and Canada 10.3%), followed by China (17.2%) and Russia (8.6%) and the UK (6.9%).

There was a great diversity of cultures in both sessions, which was also demonstrated during the International Cultural Evening. On this occasion, all participating students join together to represent their culture by demonstrating traditional dances, sharing local food or likewise.

The gender balance was in favor of the female participants; 88 female and 61 male students participated in this year’s programs.

ISUWU 2018 Class


The large diversity of nationalities is also evident looking at the two scholarships offered by WU this year. Students from selected developing countries coming from GBSN (Global Business School Network) member universities and students from chosen universities in Europe’s CEE region were accepted into the program.

GBSN scholarship recipients received a full scholarship including all services offered in the program, as well as a financial support in regard to their travel expenses. CEE scholarship recipients received a deduction of the program fee and a full waiver in regard to tuition.

The WU scholarship was awarded to 6 students from 5 GBSN member schools from Columbia, Ghana, Egypt and Pakistan (4 for the July and 2 for the August program) out of 29 applications for this scholarship in total. These scholarships were provided to both graduate and undergraduate students. Even though the GBSN scholarship recipients from Pakistan had initial troubles getting their visa, all students who received a scholarship received their visa on time and could ultimately also attend the program.

Academic Program

Overall four academic programs were organized at the ISUWU 2018: the graduate program in July, the undergraduate program in July, the graduate program in August and the undergraduate program in August. Classes were held by 15 different lecturers. These included 9 guest lecturers and 6 WU lecturers. Two lecturers offered two different courses, hence there were 17 classes in total. The class size at ISUWU ranged from 14 students to a maximum of 31 students. In general the undergraduate classes were larger than the graduate classes.

Unique Aspects

Some favorite aspects mentioned by a majority of the participants was the multicultural atmosphere and the support that was given to them by the ISUWU team, as well as the social activities that were organized. Some students were very impressed by their lecturers and have commented, that they have never attended a better class before. Overall, the students felt very well taken care of, and hence they could enjoy their time in Vienna and ideally benefit from this program from an academic, as well as a social perspective.

The International Summer University WU program established itself once again as an effective tool for WU’s internationalization strategy. It has a great reputation amongst its partner universities and the program also helps to continually improve the image of WU. The program benefits from its long-standing reputation and shapes the global image of the university.

The ISUWU was successfully carried out this year and it is recommended to run the 30th edition of the ISUWU in 2019.

Below are testimonials from the 6 GBSN scholarship students.

[x_feature_box title=”Shazabeen Nabi Khan” title_color=” text_color=” graphic=”image” graphic_size=”60px” graphic_shape=”circle” graphic_color=”#ffffff” graphic_bg_color=”#2ecc71″ align_h=”center” align_v=”top” side_graphic_spacing=”20px” max_width=”none” graphic_image=”https://gbsn.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Shazabeen-Nabi-Khan.png” graphic_image_alt_text=”Shazabeen Nabi Khan”]ISUWU July Session
Lahore School of Economics
Lahore, Pakistan[/x_feature_box]

ISUWU academic program:

The learning experience throughout the ISU WU was a combination of discussions, group activities and lectures providing intriguing insights into the global perspective of management and marketing. During this time, I met incredibly helpful teachers and classmates from all around the world that made the learning environment fun and challenging.

ISUWU leisure program:

The leisure activities were the most exciting part of the program. I got a chance to explore the beautiful city of Vienna, where I saw neo-gothic architecture of the City Hall, the making of the famous Strudel dessert and a view over Vienna from the top of Kahlenberg. With great company, stunning architecture and extremely breathtaking visits, the leisure activities made the most memorable three weeks.

ISUWU program in general:

Kudos to the team for creating such an immersive program which balanced study and leisure together and made it extremely easy for students to fit into the city. I’m extremely grateful to GBSN for making this opportunity possible and to the ISU WU team for providing immense help in the first place!

[x_feature_box title=”Patience Nsiah ” title_color=” text_color=” graphic=”image” graphic_size=”60px” graphic_shape=”circle” graphic_color=”#ffffff” graphic_bg_color=”#2ecc71″ align_h=”center” align_v=”top” side_graphic_spacing=”20px” max_width=”none” graphic_image=”https://gbsn.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Patience-Nsiah-.png” graphic_image_alt_text=”]ISUWU July Session
Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration
Accra, Ghana[/x_feature_box]

ISUWU academic program:

I have learnt in three courses in three weeks what normally takes a whole semester to learn. The academic courses were very practical, interactive, and gave insights to real life situation which I am going to use to build my business in the future. I have become more confident through group presentations and being able to analyze problems and finding solutions.

ISUWU leisure program:

I have made new friends from different continenst , built relationships and at the same time got the opportunity to see the beautiful city of Vienna and its neighbouring countries. The company visit were awesome, especially Pioneers, I am thankful for this experience.

ISUWU program in general:

Thank you to the ISU WU team for putting this life changing program together. I am grateful for being a part of this great experience.The whole program is well organized and very educative. The ISU WU team is great, patient and helpful. Thank you once again, I really appreciate every bit of this program.

[x_feature_box title=”Mariam Mahmoud” title_color=” text_color=” graphic=”image” graphic_size=”60px” graphic_shape=”circle” graphic_color=”#ffffff” graphic_bg_color=”#2ecc71″ align_h=”center” align_v=”top” side_graphic_spacing=”20px” max_width=”none” graphic_image=”https://gbsn.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Mariam-Mahmoud.png” graphic_image_alt_text=”]ISUWU July Session
American University of Cairo
Cairo, Egypt[/x_feature_box]

ISUWU academic program:

The academic program of the ISU WU is one of the most well-organized academic programs ever. Although the program is just 3 weeks long and only includes two courses, everything was done and accomplished perfectly and completely. Moreover, the in-class discussion were really enriching and very international, as I got to know more about other students’ cultures and countries. This knowledge helps me to see the world from a different and more open perspective – a new perspective with more respect to diversity and new ideas.

ISUWU leisure program:

The ISU WU program also includes cultural and social program besides the academic program. This social and cultural program helped international students like me to overcome the cultural shock and to adapt and mingle very quickly with other international students during this short period of time. From my own experience, I enjoyed a lot the variety of things to do and places to visit that were recommended by the ISU WU program. One of my favorite events was the International Cultural Event (ICE), as every student haf the chance to let other students get to know more about his or her home country, and to correct certain stereotypes.

ISUWU program in general:

Every day, there is something new to see and to do in Vienna after lectures, so I never got bored during my stay in this beautiful city, and I wish to return back to study at WU one day.

[x_feature_box title=”Sania Moazzam” title_color=” text_color=” graphic=”image” graphic_size=”60px” graphic_shape=”circle” graphic_color=”#ffffff” graphic_bg_color=”#2ecc71″ align_h=”center” align_v=”top” side_graphic_spacing=”20px” max_width=”none” graphic_image=”https://gbsn.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Sania-Moazzam.png” graphic_image_alt_text=”]ISUWU August Session
Lahore School of Economics
Lahore, Pakistan[/x_feature_box][cs_element_column _id=”89″]

ISUWU academic program:

Overall speaking, the courses were intensive and interactive; the professors probably condensed what is taught in a period of semester over a period of five days. The courses were well organized and expectations were clearly communicated. Overall, I believe my learning curve has immensely improved in this short period of time. It was easy to adjust and become part of the class discussions since everybody and was open and friendly.

ISUWU leisure program:

I cannot forget to mention the hiking trip where I wanted frequent breaks during the hike and had to make everybody wait because of myself. With immense support from ISU team members and fellow classmates, I was able to make it to the hill top and was thrilled to see beautiful views of Vienna. In the end, I felt it was totally worth the effort we made to reach there.

ISUWU program in general:

Just like any new place, initially I struggled a little bit and it took me a few days to adjust to the place where I was staying. However, the transition was smooth due to consistent support of the ISU WU team. A big thank you to the ISU WU Team members that always made sure I was having a comfortable time.

[x_feature_box title=”Farah Ibrahim” title_color=” text_color=” graphic=”image” graphic_size=”60px” graphic_shape=”circle” graphic_color=”#ffffff” graphic_bg_color=”#2ecc71″ align_h=”center” align_v=”top” side_graphic_spacing=”20px” max_width=”none” graphic_image=”https://gbsn.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Farah-Ibrahim.png” graphic_image_alt_text=”]ISUWU August Session
American University in Cairo
Cairo, Egypt[/x_feature_box]

ISUWU academic program:

Joining the ISUWU has been an enriching experience on both the academic and personal levels. The academic courses deepened my knowledge in my field of study. Moreover, the discussions and group work with other international students like myself helped me broaden my perspective on numerous issues as well as developing my critical thinking skills. The diversity within the classroom created a challenging environment where everyone tried to share and communicate their thoughts as clear as they can.

ISUWU leisure program:

In addition, the social program was packed with amazing activities: from palaces and museums to hiking, a wine tavern visit and a brewery tour. Exploring Vienna, the food, the culture and the arquitecture was such a pleasure.

ISUWU program in general:

I’m going back home and leaving a piece of my heart in this delightful city and its amazing people and atmosphere. I got the chance to make friends from literally every continent and built a global network. Until we meet again, Vienna!