Educators Track

Taking you BEYOND the classroom, the Educators Track is designed for scholars, lecturers, trainers, and university faculty across disciplines who want to connect with like-minded colleagues on teaching innovations, research and pedagogy needed serve communities and develop talent the world needs now.

GBSN and Capsim have joined forces to help bring quality and experiential business learning to communities worldwide. Building on our experience from last year, we’re inviting scholars, lecturers, trainers, and academic faculty to design and develop an inbox simulation using current data, research, cases, and personal experiences.

As part of the Educators Track for GBSN Beyond, teams of 1-4 will design and build a 15-30 minute inbox simulation experience. These microsimulations will immerse learners in real-world scenarios and evaluate essential skills in a realistic context. 

Congratulations to the Winning Microsimulation!

In first place, and winning the $5,000 award, Jagdish Sheth School of Management India’s microsimulation MakhanChor Milk! Congratulations MakhanChor Milk!! Everyone is welcome to experience all of the microsimulations via our webpage here.

Check out this year’s competing microsimulations!

Team 1: Lithium Feasibility

Category: Business and Environmental Security

Institution(s): Coventry Business School

Country(ies): United Kingdom

Team Members: Daniel Johnson, Simon Huston, Jaliyyah Ahmadu-Bello, Uchenna Tony-Okeke

Industry: Mineral Mining Sustainable Mining

Team 2: Hindipa Motors India Ltd.

Category: Business and Human Rights

Institution(s): HEC Montreal and Goa Institute of Management

Country(ies): Canada, India

Team Members: Hinrich Voss, Divya Singhal, Padhmanabhan Vijayaraghavan

Industry: Automotive

Team 3: Vaccine in the Times of Pandemic

Category: Business and Human Rights

Institution(s): Ahmedabad University

Country(ies): India

Team Members: Siddhartha Saxena

Industry: Pharmaceutical Distribution

Team 4: MakhanChor Milk

Category: General

Institution(s): Jagdish Sheth School of Management

Country(ies): India

Team Members: Ganes Pandya, Aditi Dang, Debasmita Dey

Industry: Food Safety and Regulations

Team 5: Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

Category: General

Institution(s): ISCTE- Lisbon University Institute

Country(ies): Portugal

Team Members: Ana Margarida Simaens, Marjan Jalali

Industry: Fashion/Sustainability

Team 6: Safe Drivez- Opportunity for Women Empowerment

Category: Business and Human Rights

Institution(s): Jagdish Sheth School of Management

Country(ies): India

Team Members: Pooja Gupta, Mafruza Sultana

Industry: Safety

What’s an Inbox Simulation?

Students want engaging learning experiences, and employers want career-ready graduates.

Completion of empirical and applied learning experiences provide applicants an advantage in the recruitment process.

CapsimInbox offers a validated, day-in-the-life microsimulation platform to help educators bring real-world learning experiences into any environment — giving students the practice and feedback they need to develop essential career skills in an authentic business context.

Students enter a familiar email environment and assume an employee’s role at a fictitious company. As they navigate real scenarios and make decisions by responding to emails and instant messages, CapsimInbox evaluates skill levels and provides immediate, actionable feedback for meaningful development.

How does the Microsim Development Lab work?

As part of the Educators Track for GBSN Beyond, teams of 1-4 will design and build a 15-30 minute inbox simulation experience. These microsimulations will immerse learners in real-world scenarios and evaluate essential skills in a realistic context. 

We are looking for creative and innovative geographic locations, cultures, scenarios, and skillsets not usually found in typical curricula and aligned with our chosen themes.

  1. Business in Health Studies
  2. Business in Environmental Security
  3. Business and Human Rights
  4. General / Miscellaneous


Business in Health Studies

The health studies dimension aims to facilitate and promote cross-sector collaboration by developing simulations that deliver scenarios where business, government, NGOs and educational institutions are working together on developing innovative solutions to complex health-related problems.


Business and Environmental Security

This dimension focuses on the role and responsibility of business towards achieving environmental security. Each industry has a responsibility to make a significant reduction in their carbon footprint. Businesses must demonstrate environmental awareness and involve all stakeholders in implementing its sustainability strategy.


Business and Human Rights

Business and Human Rights includes gender equality, anti corruption, vulnerable population protections, etc. The modern business environment must work as a representative and protector for human rights.


General / Miscellaneous

This dimension is for scholars, lecturers, trainers and academic faculty who are looking to develop a globally, yet locally relevant microsimulation that does not necessarily fit into any of the above categories.


1st Place Prize

The winning team receives $5,000 and recognition as a CapsimInbox author with the opportunity to bring their simulation to market and earn royalties.


In addition to developing the timely skills of building meaningful, online teaching tools, each team that completes their version will have the opportunity to work with Capsim to bring their version to market and earn royalties

Capsim Representatives


We are pleased to welcome back the winning team of the 2020 CapsimInbox Faculty Simulation Lab: Ethics in International Mining from Ashesi University

  • Dr. Takako Mino

    Lecturer, Humanities and Social Sciences
    Ashesi University
  • Jewel Thompson

    Adjunct Lecturer, Business Administration
    Ashesi University
  • Jennifer Seely

    Associate Professor of Politics
    Earlham College

How can you participate?

Register Your Team.

Complete the registration form by clicking the button below. We encourage teams of 2-3 members to help break up the work.

Registration is now closed.

Submit your concept.

Complete the concept form and we will review all concepts to ensure alignment and viability.

Concept forms deadline: Sept 29

Build your microsim.

Start building your concept in the CapsimInbox Authoring Platform. Complete our certification course to hone your skills.

Microsims deadline: Oct 29

Team Formation and Registration

A team’s institution must be registered for GBSN Beyond to participate. Once, the institution is registered, each individual team member must complete an individual registration for GBSN Beyond. The simulation sign-up link will be included in the registration confirmation email. Only one team member will register the team for the simulation. The individual who submits the team registration will be the designated Team Captain.

Click here to see if your institution is registered.

Any questions?

Please join our CapsimInbox Development Lab Informational Webinar and Q&A Session Tuesday September 28th at 9:00 AM EDT.

Access the Participant Handbook HERE!