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The American University in Cairo School of Business, Babson College and IFC Collaborate to Deliver the “Governance, Challenges and Possibilities in Family Business Program”

Many family businesses are transitioning into the complex process of a new generation of leaders. Their success and continuity depend on the leadership effectiveness of those at the top. This program is designed to address the multifaceted dynamics of family business and establish a foundation for long term business success, that safeguards the legacy of founders and family values. The American University in Cairo (AUC) School of Business (BUS), Babson College and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) are launching this joint program to enhance family business leaders’ abilities to leverage the intrinsic strengths of their family enterprises and to implement practices that drive high performance and healthy family relationships.

Program Outcomes

  • Develop and strengthen corporate governance of family business to improve performance and access to finance, while increasing the odds of survival through generations
  • Reflect on family, business and entrepreneurial legacies that past generations have provided to current family members and imagine how they can lead to possible futures
  • Identify the characteristics of successful entrepreneurial families and explore ways for families to support and pursue entrepreneurship within and across generations
  • Discuss business model innovation in family business and the impact on workplace dynamics
  • Understand common cultural traits and psychological aspects of family businesses and how they directly impact key decisions

Learning Methodology

The program is carefully designed to address different styles of learning and to fully engage participants through the use of program materials, exercises, case studies, group discussions, and interactive games and activities. This collaborative learning approach will provide participants with individual development and peer to peer interaction.

Program Modules

Day One: The Power of Governance in Family Business

Designed specifically for family business owners, relatives and directors. This module aims to delve into the fundamentals of family business governance, including the parameters of IFC’s corporate governance methodology for family owned companies, the structure and functioning of the board and developing family governance structures and policies such as a family council and a family constitution. In addition, it provides insights into leading practices that enable family businesses to professionalize the business and prepare for succession.

Day Two: Family Leadership and Business Continuity

The module explores the role of leadership in the transformation process of family business within the context of rapid technological advances. Family business leaders need to adopt new strategies having innovation as a main construct, to be able to manage the disparities occurring due to cultural evolution. They need to understand the role of psychology in family business which include differences in perspectives about business between founders and successors. The module will be delivered utilizing an experiential platform. All the gaming sessions are interconnected with the discussion sessions, and are intra connected with each other to form a comprehensive story line in order to maximize the participants’ understanding.

Day Three: Entrepreneurial Families and Family Business

By focusing on entrepreneurial families, rather than entrepreneurial individuals or cultures, we identify the specific characteristics and behaviors of families that lead to sustained entrepreneurial activity within and across generations. This module explores what families can do to continue and expand entrepreneurship by identifying the family, business and entrepreneurial legacies that both enable and hamper entrepreneurship, not only in their existing businesses but also in other family activities.

Date and Venue

March 12-14, 2019

AUC New Cairo Campus

Program fees

USD 1500 (for two family/business members)

USD 1750 (for three family/business members)

USD 2000 (for four family/business members)

Program Registration

If you are interested to join the program, click here

Registration deadline: February 28, 2019