Investors, Mentors and Judges

Academic Advisor / Chair Investor-Experts Panel / Head Mentor

  • Professor Rickie A. Moore

    Professor of Entrepreneurship Director, MSc in Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    emlyon business school

The Investor Experts

During Round 1, business experts and academics will be invited to participate as Investor Experts on the Peaqs platform. The Investor role is always an individual role.

Each Investor Expert starts out with 10.000 credits to trade with and each project starts with a basic valuation of 100 credits. The virtual stock market has been reigned in somewhat compared to a normal stock market, so it doesn’t encourage speculation in the mere dynamics of a stock market. You can only invest once and divest once per project per phase. So, in case you can’t buy/sell it could be because you have exceeded your trading limits and you’ll have to wait for a new phase to open, where you can re-adjust your investments. Investor Experts will be alerted via email when a new phase opens and you can allocate credits again. Investors are asked to review each project’s progress within each phase and submit reflections, feedback and any questions they have for the student team.

All four phases have set time frames. At the end of each phase, student teams will receive a ranking of best projects on the Marketplace and best investor performance. After Phase 4 closes, the top 5 projects will advance to the Finals Round. 

  • Stephanie Hussels

    Director of the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship, Director of the Business Growth Programme
    Cranfield School of Management
    United Kingdom
  • Mathieu Carenzo

    Lecturer of Entrepreneurship
    IESE Business School
  • Terrence Brown

    SSES Centre Director at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
    Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship
  • Diana Popa

    Founder and CEO
  • Vasilis Theoharakis

    Professor of Strategic Marketing
    Cranfield School of Management
    United Kingdom
  • Mikkel Draebye

    Associate Professor of Practice Entrepreneurship & Family Business
    SDA Bocconi School of Management
  • Xavier Wartelle

    CEO and Co-Founder
    Avatar Medical
  • Jillian Gordon

    Senior Lecturer of Management
    University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School
    United Kingdom

Faculty Mentors

A faculty mentor’s primary role is to provide guidance to their student team as they develop their project on the Peaqs platform. Faculty mentors will work with their respective student team throughout the four phases within Round 1. Each phase allows for investor feedback as well as faculty mentor feedback. Faculty mentors are advised to review investor feedback with their student team in each phase. 

Should their student team advance to the finals round, the faculty mentor should work with their team to prepare a pitch presentation that will be delivered LIVE to the panel of judges.

Final Round Judges

  • Anil Benard-Dende

    Deputy General Director
    Kedge Business School
  • Tim Mescon

    Executive Vice President and Chief Officer of the Europe, Middle East, and Africa Headquarters
    AACSB International
  • Peter Bamkole

    Director, Enterprise Development Centre
    Pan-Atlantic University
  • Marie Frochen

    Co-Founder and Partner
    Ramp-Up Lab