Investor Experts, Mentors and Judges

Academic Advisor / Chair Investor-Experts Panel / Head Mentor

  • Dr. Rickie A. Moore

    Professor of Entrepreneurship Director, MSc in Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    emlyon business school


During the Final round, an international panel of judges will evaluate a LIVE 10-minute video pitch presentation. Team members will also have a 15 minute Q&A. With our panel of high-caliber and experienced judges, student entrepreneurs will gain significant insight into the leading factors of executing a successful business idea.

Investor Experts

GBSN welcomes applications from individuals interested in serving in this key role. Drawing on their expertise and an investor point-of-view, Investor Experts provide feedback to students to improve their business concepts. Investor Experts can be anyone from entrepreneur practitioners, entrepreneurs-in-residence, to faculty, PhD students, researchers, and others.

Each Investor Expert can expect to be assigned up to five Student Teams to review. Investor Experts receive a digital certificate for their role in the competition, and are highlighted throughout the process.

Investor Experts will be alerted via email when a new phase opens, allowing them to review each student team project’s progress during that Phase and submit reflections, feedback and any questions they have for the student team.

Each Phase has a set time frame. At the end of each phase, student teams will submit the content requested in that particular phase before the deadline. Once the deadline passes, Investor Experts can begin their reviews. After the Phase 3 submissions, projects will be evaluated and the five highest scoring teams will advance to the Finals Round. For more details, please see the Timeline tab.

Faculty Mentors

This year, teams are required to have a Faculty Mentor. A Faculty Mentor’s primary role is to comment and provide guidance on their designated team project. This candidate should be within the academic community and can be mentors for more than one team. The Faculty Mentor will work with their respective student team throughout the three phases of the competition. Each phase allows for Investor Experts feedback in addition to your feedback as a mentor. Faculty Mentors are advised to review investor feedback with their student team in each phase. 

The Top 5 student teams will pitch LIVE to a panel of international judges from business, academia and civil society. 

Should their student team advance to the finals round, the mentor should work with their team to prepare a pitch presentation that will be delivered LIVE to the panel of judges. After each presentation, students should be prepared to answer questions during a 15 minute Q&A period.

Please Note: Mentors cannot be other students, but can be previously graduated students, faculty members, researchers, practitioners, and/or entrepreneurs.