GBSN Beyond: 2023

The Transformative Power of Talent and Technology

Business schools are ideally placed to be the nexus between government, business and civil society in shaping a collective response to our most critical challenges.


GBSN Beyond is about breaking the traditional boundaries of business education. It highlights and supports business school efforts to transform society—to build more inclusive and sustainable communities, especially in the developing world. 

2023 marks a milestone in GBSN’s history. GBSN Beyond and 20th Anniversary Celebration will take place OCT 30 – NOV 1 in Cairo, hosted by the American University in Cairo School of Business.

Our theme this year, “The Transformative Power of Talent and Technology,” will explore the fundamental prospects and challenges created by the influence of technology on the future of education, future of work, societal impact and development, and its impact on the way we do business.

We always put people first, enabling and empowering them to create, build, and sustain organizations to solve problems of people and planet. But we cannot ignore the growing power of technology to help people to create a better world, through business and education, and specifically to transform important sectors, such as health, agriculture, energy, and more. 

Similarly, we cannot ignore the challenges that technology brings and the tensions it can create between what’s good for people and the environment. There are new and important questions about human rights, privacy, and equality. And there are tensions between the Global North and the Global South, as well as the East and West, that have important implications for how we think about the future of business and business education.

This year’s GBSN Beyond theme is about opportunities and challenges at the intersection of talent and technology. Sessions will explore the fundamental prospects and challenges created by the influence of technology on the future of education, particularly around learner success and engagement, resource distribution, and the evolution of teaching and learning. We recognize advances are more often generated through collaboration across borders, sectors, and disciplines. So, we encourage proposals that are international, multi-sectoral, and interdisciplinary. GBSN Beyond is about action and impact. Let’s confront these challenges together – in-person and online.

A vibrant hub of exchange, learning, collaboration and discussion.

The COVID-19 pandemic compelled us to acknowledge a global need for cooperation as existing inequalities present multiple challenges. In order to create a space to tackle these critical challenges, GBSN Beyond was born in 2020. As GBSN enters the 20th year since its founding, we continue to learn, grow, and evolve through partnership with our members. GBSN Beyond –– an evolution of The Annual GBSN Conference –– is in its fourth year and serves as a unique and intimate international forum that convenes over 1,500+ registrants online and over 200+ participants in-person from over 40+ countries. With an innovative approach to what a conference can be, GBSN Beyond provides a variety of engaging learning experiences, knowledge exchanges, and opportunities to network and connect with colleagues from across the globe. 

The conference offers a program of keynotes, panel discussions, lightning talks, networking activities, and more. Go Beyond the ordinary and join us as we convene to develop actionable solutions.


University leaders, including Rectors, Deans, Directors and Administrators from developed, emerging and frontier markets. Students welcomed virtually.


Professionals from industry dedicated to addressing economic and social challenges effectively and efficiently.


Professionals from industry, aid organizations, and civil society dedicated to addressing economic and social challenges effectively and efficiently.

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Hear from top leaders in academia, business, civil society and government.

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