Call for Session Proposals

Lead conversations that explore new models, discuss societal challenges and develop solutions by preparing a session proposal for GBSN Beyond: Together In-Person and Online. Our highly interactive sessions probe participants to address the inequalities in global supply chains, access to healthcare and education, agriculture, food security, and more. We invite you to help shape the collective response to some of our most critical challenges by leading sessions that promote peace and diplomacy, advocate for globalization, and respond to climate change. Let’s translate current experiences into lessons for sustainable development.

Pivot. Shift. Disrupt. Buzzwords employed for years as descriptors of the ways in which business would adjust, shape, and innovate in sometimes proactive and often reactive ways. However, the biggest disrupter of the last century was not industry specific nor selective in its interruption. Some of the loudest pre-pandemic forecasts all came to bear in an accelerated fashion as Covid–19 wreaked havoc around the globe. Inequality in global supply chains, access to healthcare, agriculture and food security, all emerged in a perfect storm to expose our shortcomings. These events accessorabted by war and the trajectory of nationalism, have left us with much to do. 

What is clear is this: If we just improve access to what already exists, we are not doing enough –– we are not doing our jobs. A siloed approach to this confluence of challenges will be a dereliction of our collective duty. The ways in which we collaborate, do, and teach must change if we are to promote peace and diplomacy, advocate for globalization, and respond to climate change. As leaders in business and business education this is not only our responsibility but a task fully within our abilities to lead. This is at the heart of GBSN Beyond. We will confront these challenges together –– in-person and online.

GBSN seeks a diversity of perspectives for conference sessions across 4 sub-themes in 5 interactive format types.

Session Formats

Keynote Address

Individual ted-style talks by leading experts and industry leaders from across the globe. These sessions are prominently scheduled each day of the conference.  Duration: 20 mins talks with 20 mins Q&A

Stakeholder Dialogues

Deep-dive Dialogues that focus on a theme, but have liberty with regard to regional or topical focus. Panels must include at least two different stakeholders, such as: Educator, Gov’t Official, Civil Society Rep or Industry Professional. Duration: 60 mins


Sessions focused on individual learning and skills development beyond the pandemic. This could take the form of a design thinking exercise, group activity or similar approaches. Duration: 90 mins

Innovation Showcases

Short talks featuring a single speaker that focuses on an innovation related to one of the themes. Presenters should relate to the modern learner, focused on expanding their knowledge in a quick & flexible way. Duration: 7-10 mins


Provocative, subject-driven moderated dialogues with one-two speakers. The speakers will use daring prompts and questions in order to spark discussion and engagement. Duration: 30 mins

PechaKucha / Ignite

Focused on the idea of “talk less, show more” to share stories and experiences, presenters should reflect that authentic experience of an individual, team or a community related to a conference theme. Duration: 8 mins

Key Dates.

July 15, 2022

Call for Proposals Opens

August 31, 2022

Call for Proposals Closes

September 2, 2022

Selected speakers are notified

September 9, 2022

Selected speakers to confirm acceptance 

How to submit a proposal?

Session proposals are required to be submitted through the online form. Submissions must include:

  1. Proposed Session Title
    (15-word limit)
  2. Preferred Session Format
    One of the listed formats (Keynote, Firestarter, Stakeholder Dialogue, Bite-Sized Innovations, PechaKucha/Ignite, Skill-Up)
  3. Session content overview
    that includes the objectives and what participants will take away from the session (250-word limit)
  4. Additional Resources
    If applicable, will be available for attendees to access on the virtual platform
  5. Audience Engagement Each session must include an interactive element (i.e polling, icebreakers, etc.)

General Information.

1. Applicants may submit more than one proposal.

In the case of multiple submissions, only one proposal can be selected for inclusion on the conference agenda. Every effort will be made to ensure diversity is represented on the agenda.

2. GBSN Membership is not required to submit a proposal.

However, priority consideration is given to proposals that include faculty or staff from a GBSN Member School.

3. Do speakers have to pay the registration fee?

Speakers whose proposals are chosen are still encouraged to register their institution for the virtual and in-person conference. GBSN does not pay speakers fees and does not cover travel expenses.

4. Will there be modifications made to session proposals that are accepted?

GBSN reserves the right to recommend changes to session submissions upon consultation with applicants and consideration of the overall program.

Conference organizers require one-time permission to publish the works on the conference platform and to share presentations online.

6. Speakers can participate virtually and in-person.

Session proposals can include speakers who are able to travel to attend the conference in-person as well as those who are only able to join the session virtually via the virtual event platform.

Submission Deadline: August 31, 2022


Questions regarding the Call for Proposals and the submission process may be sent to