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Online Certificate for Fintech in Africa | Centre for Financial Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE)

Why FinTech in Africa?

Africa’s digital economy is rapidly evolving and demonstrating significant growth, with  Business Insider suggesting that African fintech market is anticipated to reach $150 billion by 2025. As digital technology becomes increasingly embraced across the continent, it becomes crucial to develop a skilled workforce capable of driving innovation and progress.

CFTE, Elevandi and Singapore Management University recognise the significance of cultivating a digital workforce in Africa and the importance to upskill the community with the latest Fintech knowledge and enhance the fintech literacy. Therefore, CFTE, Elevandi and Singapore Management University offered this Online Certificate for Fintech in Africa to support 5000 students in Africa and professionals grasp the opportunities in the new world of digital finance.

About the Programme

The Online Certificate for Fintech in Africa is a foundational programme in Fintech. Learners will go through the building blocks of the future of finance: Fintech, AI, Blockchain, RegTech, Payments, Open Banking and Sustainability, while learning the most important trends in the region from ecosystem players.

The programme includes 7 Masterclasses and 6 Sessions of industry insights, launched for the Inclusive Fintech Forum (IFF) 2023. Programme will be available until December 2024.


20 min lectures from experts

Learn the real-world Fintech case study

Earn an industry-accredited certificate by CFTE, Elevandi and Singapore Management University

You will earn a certificate once completing the programme. It can serve as a stepping stone to further advancement in your career.

Woxsen University Faculty Exchange Fall Semester 2023 Nominations Now Open

The application deadline for the Fall 2023 Semester is June 5, 2023.

Greetings from Woxsen University, India. The Faculty Exchange Program is open for faculty of all schools – School of Business, School of Arts & Design, School of Technology, School of Architecture and Planning, School of Liberal Arts and Humanities, School of Law and School of Sciences.

As part of the immediate next steps, the International Office Coordinator at your university must share the faculty nominations by filling in the application form. Additionally, the coordinator must attach and send the following docs to support the applications as per the given timelines:

  • Faculty’s Updated CV.
  • Faculty’s Valid Passport
  • High-resolution picture of the Faculty.

Nomination Deadline: June 5, 2023

Submission of required documents: June 5, 2023

Issue of letter: 7-10 days after submitting the documents

GBSN for Business & Human Rights Exhibition | Conversations with the Next Generation


The Rana Plaza factory located in Dhaka district (Bangladesh) collapsed on 24 April 2013. 1,134 people died and an estimated 2,500 people were injured. The collapse is considered to be the deadliest garment-factory accident in history. 

The Rana Plaza factory collapse led to worldwide outcry and pressure on fashion companies to change their business practices. As an immediate reaction to the disaster, apparel brands, retailers and workers unions signed a global framework agreement to improve occupational safety and health standards in the Bangladeshi garment industry: the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, otherwise known as “the Accord”. 

The accident also played an important role in the field of business and human rights. In France, one of the countries related to the event through French apparel and retailer companies supply chain, the factory collapse accelerated efforts by lawmakers to adopt duty of vigilance legislation, passed in March 2017. Other legislations were adopted by local and national authorities in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The debate has since expanded at the global level and within regional authorities, the European Union currently working on a proposed mandatory human rights due diligence legislation: the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence directive.

To reflect on the legacy of this dramatic event, GBSN is inviting our global community to engage and facilitate conversations in their local communities for wider dissemination. Conversations can take the form of event recordings, various forms of publications, illustrations, multimedia presentations, audio recordings, and more.

These conversations should be designed to include business school students, their lecturers and key business and human rights stakeholders including business professionals, policymakers, and civil society.

“Rana Plaza is an emblematic case study for the role of human rights in business.

Discussing root causes and the systemic human rights risks that resulted in the Rana Plaza tragedy is highly relevant for students that are training to become future business executives.

On the tenth anniversary of Rana Plaza, we want to learn from this tragic case in conversation with business school students. We need to build their capacity to transform business models so that human rights are at the core of all business operations.”

– Dorothee Baumann-Pauly

Objectives of this activity



Commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster and pay tribute to the victims of BHR violations



Empower students interested in business and human rights to speak up about BHR issues



Share examples of ongoing challenges, promising solutions and legislative action on BHR issues



Inform the management education community and the broader public about the efforts of GBSN to advance business school education on BHR

How to Organize a “Conversation”

Conversations should be organized by one or several lecturers, ideally with the active participation of students. Several steps to a successful event:

  1. Identify a locally relevant business and human rights issue: challenges within a specific industry, business- or industry-wide solutions to address human rights risks, effectiveness or opportunity of legislation, etc. 
  2. Invite a speaker to discuss this issue with students and lecturers. Prepare the conversation with students so they can take an active role in the event.
  3. Organize and record the conversation, bearing in mind that the recording will be featured on a global platform. The duration of the recording should not exceed one hour.

For any assistance, reach out to Charles Autheman –

Insper Launches Global Academy with New Courses Focusing on Brazilian and International Students

The Global Academy is an Insper’s portfolio of short-term courses designed for undergraduate students from Brazilian and international institutions with relevant topics in entrepreneurship, innovation, ESG, and technology, among others.

Classes are intensive, full-time, taught in English, and with a minimum of 40 hours of contact per course. As a credit-bearing program, students can have equivalences for elective courses at Insper or as per the policies of their respective educational institutions.

During the program, students will visit companies and institutions to enhance their market knowledge and participate in extracurricular activities that foster international experience and sociocultural awareness.


For application, students must be attending an undergraduate course. In addition, be at least 18 years old, over the age of majority in Brazil, and submit their university enrollment certificate.


Application fee for international students: BRL 10,000.00 (approximately USD 2,000.00*)
* Students must verify the exchange rate applicable on their payment day.

What’s Included?

  • Welcome Ceremony
  • Support material for classes
  • Cultural activities
  • Company visits
  • Transfer to external visits
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Transcript of records
  • Closing Ceremony

Application Deadline

Application deadline for international students: March 15th

Global Citizenship Program

Start Date: May 2023
End Date: March 2024 

Registration Deadline: 31st March, 2023

What is Global Citizenship?

Global Citizenship is an orientation of care and concern for the world that includes other humans (with whom we may or may not have anything in common) as well as other beings and the planet. It implies a commitment to action, as well as to peace, social justice and sustainability.

About the Global Citizenship Program:

The Global Citizenship Program is a university certificate program that invites students to cultivate an ethical stance, a critical way of thinking, and a committed mode of intervening in a world populated by others with whom we must co-create a viable future.

It emphasizes collaboration across disciplines, professions, and the human variety of cultural, political and other experiences. We welcome students from any school or major.

Whether you plan to be an engineer or an artist, head into the start-up world or go on to med school, we believe that a global citizenship orientation can critically inform both your personal life and professional practice. As a group, we will dive into the biggest questions humanity is grappling with:

How do we live with others, respecting difference without abandoning our beliefs or forcing others to assimilate to us? How do we find peaceful ways to disagree? How do we protect our planet and its non-human residents both now and for the future?

Objectives of the Program:

  • Offers a big picture focus around both philosophy and practice
  • Provides a frame and forum in which to make sense of your many experiences at Lehigh
  • Mixes coursework, experiential elements, less traditional projects and varied modes of practice
  • Includes a unique cohort experience 
  • Culminates with two non-traditional capstone courses that link self, other, practice and leadership
  • Balances a critical lens with hope, seeking out positive examples of everyday and exemplary global citizenship practice

Modules offered: 

  1. Introduction to Global Citizenship
  2. Getting Curious: Beginning to Question
  3. Co-Creating Governance: Active Citizens
  4. Blurring Boundaries: Citizens of the World
  5. Practising SDGs for a Better Tomorrow
  6. Embedding Global Cultural Sensitivity
  7. Discovering Myself: The Identity
  8. Collaborating with Others: The Dialogue
  9. Global Citizenship Capstone – 1
  10. Global Citizenship Capstone – 2

Program Details

  • Program Duration: 12 Months 
  • Credits: 7 credits 
  • GPA Requirement for Eligibility: 3.0/4.0 
  • Maximum Cohort Size: 180
  • Program Fee: USD 499 (exclusive of taxes) – This includes Tuition Fee of the Program, International Immersion Fee- Hyderabad (2 weeks- Optional, including food and accommodation at campus for the immersion weeks)
  • Medium of Instruction: English
  • Mode of instruction: Hybrid

Of note: 

  1. The program is open for all domestic/international students (Bachelor/Master)
  2. The program is applicable to students of all streams
  3. Upon successful registration, payment link will be shared in due course of time.

Upon completion of the course, students will get a Certificate of Completion by Woxsen University with 7 credits plus Global Citizen Passport

Call for Contributions: AACSB Marketing & Communications Conference – St. Petersburg, Florida


March 8 to March 10 in 2023.

This conference is a collaborative opportunity for communications, marketing, student success, and enrollment professionals in higher education business schools. Sessions will focus on tactical components of communication and enrollment management in today’s evolving higher education landscape. Explore trends in student recruitment and retention, as well as how to tell the unique learner story for your business school. Learn what the future holds for the business school degree and what role communications and enrollment teams will play. Taking place in Saint Petersburg, Florida, this conference is a collaborative opportunity for communications, marketing, student success, and enrollment professionals in higher education business schools.

We are currently accepting proposals for sessions in the following categories:

* Building Your Toolbox
* Collaborating with Internal Marketing Teams
* DEI Initiatives / Inclusive Communication & Outreach
* Effective Practices in Digital & Social Media Content Strategy
* Engaging Alumni / Alumni Advisory Boards
* Managing Leadership Requests & Needs
* Maximising Your Marketing Budget
* Miscellaneous
* Operational Effectiveness
* Pitching Stories to the Media

* Research, Data and Return on Investment
* SEO / Website Management and Optimisation / CRM / Marketing Automation
* Staying in the Feedback Loop
* Strategies
* Content Strategies & Storytelling
* Retention & Student Support Strategies
* Student Recruitment & Enrolment Strategies
* Supporting Your Internal Engagement Teams
* The Evolution of Outreach & Recruitment Programs

Deadline to submit your proposal is October 14.

Doing Business in Emerging Markets (DBEM)

Location: Woxsen University

Preferred Program Dates: May – July

Woxsen University is pleased to announce an interesting opportunity for international partners to participate in a global immersion program on “Doing Business in Emerging Markets (DBEM)” at Woxsen University.

About DBEM:

The program focuses on the Senior Executive Professionals and/or FMB (Family Managed Business) segment across various countries considered in the category of “developing” or “emerging”. These countries are formed by a predominant array of FMB SMEs that look for an adequate succession leadership approach.

The program would be operated by the School of Business, Woxsen University in the following modality:

  1. The program will take place in Woxsen University, India.
  2. The minimum cohort is of 15 candidates (per university).
  3. The duration will be 2 weeks.

Program highlights:

  1. Learning by Doing.
  2. Focus on Business Plan development execution
  3. Particiation in international business plan competitions.
  4. Exposure to the core aspects of manufacturing, service, retail, real state, infrastructure, among other business verticals.

Modules (non-exhaustive):

  1. Understanding the Business Environment
  2. Acquiring and Managing Customers
  3. Leveraging IT for Business
  4. Interpersonal Skills for Business Leaders
  5. Managing Self & Teams
  6. Family Dynamics
  7. Business and Society
  8. International Business/ Private Equity & Venture Capital
  9. International Finance & Taxation
  10. Behavioural Psychology
  11. Managing Sales Force and Reseller Networks
  12. B2B Sales
  13. Harnessing Human Resources in FMBs
  14. Competitive Strategy
  15. Strategic Negotiation
  16. Legal Aspects of Business
  17. Digital Business Models

IIM invites applications for Scholar in Residence Program, Post-Doctoral Fellowship, and Faculty Positions

Scholar in Residence Program Contact

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Contact

Scholar in Residence Program

IIM takes pride in active collaboration with prestigious management institutes around the world. IIM invites applications under the “Scholar in Residence” program, where a faculty member can spend about two weeks at IIM Indore for collaborative research with a host faculty member, engage in various academic & research activities such as research seminar, interaction with Ph.D. students and related area faculties. The Institute will cover the economy class flight tickets and local hospitality within the campus. Interested faculty colleagues are requested to send an email to

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

IIM is looking for young, motivated individuals for doing research in different specializations of management. A PDF will work with a mentor who is expected to provide ample opportunities to develop the fellow as an independent researcher. The fellow will be expected to conduct high quality academic research with the mentor and engage in teaching activities at the institute. Interested candidates are requested to send an email to

Faculty Positions

IIM Indore invites application for faculty position at all levels in all areas. The applications are accepted all year round and processed periodically. Interested candidate are requested to check the website for more details.

Woxsen University Student Exchange Fall Semester 2022 Nomination is Officially Open

Woxsen University is pleased to announce that Woxsen University Student Exchange Fall Semester 2022 Nomination is officially OPEN!

The nomination deadline for the Fall 2022 (August to December) Semester is May 31st, 2022. Please send your nominations by completing the online google form below:

General Information

The Incoming Students Factsheet (please refer to it for any details, however, this is an old version of the factsheet) shall guide you with all the relevant details pertaining to the mobility. The Student Exchange Program is available for both Undergraduate and Masters level students in the schools of Business, Arts & Design, Technology & Architecture.

You may view the programs available on their website.

As part of immediate next steps, the International Office Coordinator at your university can share nominations by filling in the google form attached above. Kindly send all the filled in incoming application forms after the google form submissions. Subsequently later on, Students must be ready to submit the following docs to support the applications as per the given timelines:

1.         Official Academic Record or Transcript of classes at the home institution

2.         Proof of English language competency if English if NOT the native language (TOEFL/IELTS Documentation or a Certificate issued by your university (duly stamped and signed) stating the English language proficiency)

3.         Photocopy of the biographical information page of the passport.

Key Dates

Nomination Deadline: May 31st, 2022

Application Deadline: June 10th, 2022

Submission of documents: 30 days before the start date of the exchange 90 days before for in-person delivery.

Please Note: Food and Accommodation will be provided for FREE on campus.

The Fall Semester will be held in-person for all international students.