Call for Investors for the Africa Business Concept Challenge

We are proud to announce the second annual Africa Business Concept Challenge (ABCC) in partnership with Peaqs. This virtual business concept competition for African undergraduate and graduate students will challenge teams to design a viable business concept that addresses a locally-relevant challenge or problem related to Agenda 2063, and inclusive and sustainable development.

As part of this experience, teams will compete on the Peaqs platform in a virtual stock market on the Peaqs platform.  We are recruiting investors to participate in this crucial portion of the competition.  You will be asked to invest on one or both competition games to determine which team has the best developed idea in each phase.  The following are the times for investing:

  • Phase 1: March 25th
  • Phase 2: March 30th through April 4th
  • Phases 3, 4, & 5: April 10th through 17th

This interactive part of the competition is fun and engaging and we welcome any professionals, researchers, teaching assistants, and more to participate as investors.  If you are interested, you can complete a form of expression found below and share with your network.

We are trying to make the simulation as realistic as possible for the student teams and to do so, the more investors the better.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email Maddie Handler at  We look forward to welcoming new investors this year and are very excited to see the students developed business ideas!